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Was This Atlantis?
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.

Are there other dates and events?


mong the dates and events, are the three dates given by the famous American medium-seer, Mr. Cayce. He located three successive destructions, as some myths do too. The first is around fifty thousand years before Christ, a second around twenty-two thousand years and the third about ten thousand seven hundred years before Christ. In addition Mr. Cayce places the flood at twenty-two thousand years before Christ and a shift of the poles at fifty thousand years before Christ. What may seem strange is the fact that moving the poles, mentioned by Cayce in his readings, did not take place at the same time as the flood. On the other hand, the dates and events he's citing don't explain the sudden melting of glaciers of the Ice Age, nor the fact that the mammoths were frozen alive.

This does not say that Plato or Cayce were wrong. Were they both right? We will probably never know, unless we go back in history with a machine to travel back in time. But these machines exist yet only in science fiction. These are obviously different informations, especially since Cayce saw flashes of past lives of people who took a consultation with him for other reasons, whereas Plato had a written document dating back thousands of years. This may have been a document filed by the Atlanteans in Egypt. It's a fact that Cayce had mentioned this, because he said the Atlanteans had their documents archived in the Yucatan of Mexico today, another part with the Egyptians and a third part in a pyramid at home. The events themselves could be of a later date, so that the information received by Plato was not complete, and that these documents reflected the situation of Atlantis at the time of the backup of the archives and not at the time of its disappearance. It's more likely that Cayce, who especially saw things through reincarnations of people that he treated during the meetings he called readings, are partial visions made by these people. His vision of Atlantis is likely to be a mosaic of different views obtained one by one, instead of a more complete and comprehensive view as that of Plato. The second point is quite important, then the visions of Cayce represent the view of ordinary people reincarnated, while the dialogues of Plato are rather based on the official view by the leaders and priests.

Especially since Cayce identifies the Grand Banks of the Bahamas to have been Atlantis or at least a part of it. It's more likely that this area was under the influence of the Atlanteans, a little like the French DOM / TOM1 of today. Consider the example we have already seen earlier in this book, yes the example of France lost at the bottom of the sea. A scientist who, in a few thousand years, would then start looking for this great country of “Liberty Equality Fraternity” would search around the islands Réunion, Guadeloupe or Madagascar, instead of taking the evidence that would be under his eyes.

We should not criticize anyone, let alone Mr. Cayce, who was one of the greatest among the seers and mediums, nor Plato who was above all one of the greatest philosophers. Visions of Cayce were much more recent than the dialogues of Plato, even though Cayce may have had a vision, especially on the part of Atlantis that would be on this area of the Bahamas what are now the Grand Bank of the Bahamas. It should also be clear that the area of the Bahamas and Cuba, which lies along a zone of tectonic movement, may be subject to rough handling.

We can, in despite the fact that Cayce places the flood and the displacement of the poles at different era's, though, following a logical reasoning, estimate that some events should be linked. Especially as a lot of information provided by Cayce are interpretations made by people responsible to decipher the content of his readings. It should be noted that these interpretations have led some to claim that the poles would move the day of the year two thousand. There were similar claims for a date there where Cayce predicted profound changes in society. It's true that the society had undergone major changes since 1989, but Cayce has certainly not meant by this that there would be an atomic war or other disasters of this kind. On the other hand, what's true with the words of Cayce is that there have likely been many dramatic events on the dates given by him. It's advisable in this context to inspect the curve of the Earth's average temperature over the last fifty thousand years to find that there have certainly been dramatic enough events on the dates advanced by Cayce. I do, as author of this book, not want to scare you, but according to the curve of the Earth's average temperature, such events would even have occurred with a regularity of a Swiss clock, ie, roughly every ten thousand years!

Summary of dates given by Cayce:

50'000 years before Christ.

It's on that date that Cayce places the first of the three destructions of Atlantis and it was, as he said, accompanied by a shift of the poles. What is certain, that there had been a major upheaval on a global scale at that time. To convince us, we need only look at the curve of the Earth's average temperature at that time. We can easily see that at that date, the average temperature had dropped considerably. Then in addition, analysis of the genetic code of mankind shows that there has been a bottleneck around this date. Ie, they believe that humanity had been reduced to a few thousand individuals only.

22'000 years before Christ.

Apart from a temporary fall of the Earth's average temperature, there is nothing particular to report on that date, although Cayce had located the deluge there. This date is unfortunately beyond those twenty thousand years where the lava will dissolve in seawater but it may be that there had been a major disaster, but not necessarily the one that had caused the disappearance of Atlantis. Especially when we consider the words of Plato, since he had specified that there were floods. Remember that Plato had emphasized the plural of these events.

10'700 years before Christ.

The date of 10'700 years before Christ is actually quite close to the other dates, although a difference of one thousand years may seem enormous, it's important to remember that no indication is available concerning this date. We are indeed limited to an estimate based on some rather vague indications. What we know is that mammoths disappeared twelve thousand years ago. We also know that most of these mammoths were frozen alive. There is also the beginning of the melting glaciers of the Ice Age at the time. But to say that this all was at 9'200, 9'800 or ten thousand and something before Christ, is an entire different story. Excavations carried out here and there had shown that some regions had experienced excessive rainfall and had a thin layer of sediment suggesting a fall of an asteroid ten to twelve thousand years ago. But none of these findings is specific enough to tell a date with sufficient accuracy. The only detail that remains is the zodiac of Denderah and the strange alignments of planets, both of which correspond with the date given by Plato.

The dates of the Maya:

The Mayan people were great observers, who knew astronomy to perfection. Such perfection that it was not until the twentieth century and the NASA satellites to at least match. The Mayan people, in any case their priests, obviously based themselves on the positions of planets. Their schedule looks like to correspond to particular positions that the planets Mars, Venus and Jupiter occupy roughly every five thousand years. They started a new cycle, or age on specific dates. We have had since the disappearance of Atlantis, two of those dates. Including that one of these dates is very close to the date given by Plato and is located at 8'238 years before Christ. Then there is a second, which is located at 3'113 years before Christ. These dates don't match, contrary to what Mr Otto H Muck thought, to planetary alignments. The Maya had entered in a temple another pair of dates separated by two weeks. They placed this event at 2'794 years before Christ. What is strange that this date is very close both in time and duration to the time where some “experts” found that the flood described by the Bible should have taken place. But such research in the Bible is still quite unclear, because these “experts” get this year by adding up the ages of biblical characters, whose accuracy remains to be seen.

The Biblical flooding:

As we have seen in the previous lines, some “experts” found the deluge described by the Bible in a range from 2'500 to 2'900 years before Christ. The only problem with this event on those dates is that the Egyptians have not noted anything in this regard. They didn't even allude to a catastrophic flood due to rain. In addition it must be remembered that some great pyramids were built in the same period. We can ask ourselves why they hadn't noticed such an event. Then the explanation may be that the occurrence of the flood described in the Bible, hadn't occurred during this period, but should be at a date much earlier.

The zodiac of Denderah:

In the Egyptian temple of Denderah was a stone, which is now in the Louvre, representing a zodiac and being a little particular. This zodiac is in fact a timetable of 25'920 years. It's a fact that the point where the day has the same length as the night, the spring equinox, therefore, moves one degree every seventy-two years. A small calculation shows that the signs of the zodiac which are moving at the same rate, that the spring zodiacal sign changes every 2160 years. What is peculiar in that zodiacal stone, is the fact that the sign of Leo is represented by a lion in a boat. Some attributed it to an event like the flood that the lion is in a boat. Moreover, this sign seems to be at a date around 9792 BC. This date accords strangely with the one where Plato places the destruction of Atlantis. What is curious is that these dates are in the midst of two of the three dates of complete alignment of planets. We can, on the other hand, have some doubt about the accuracy of this date of 9792 years, because in the absence of other information, it will be difficult to determine the location of the sign of Leo on the stone to allow a precise dating.

Dates of planetary alignment:

It's Mr Otto H Muck to have the merit of having had the idea that a complete alignment of the planets could have resulted in the crash of an asteroid on the Earth. According to him, such an alignment should have deflected a big enough asteroid from its usual path, so it would have been captured by Earth's gravity. The consequences of such an event can easily be guessed: the asteroid eventually falls and will, according to its size and where it falls, cause extensive damage. A type of alignment particularly supportive of deflecting an asteroid from its path, is the alignment where all celestial bodies, including the Sun, were the same side of the Earth. We can, with our apologies to the followers of astrology, excluded from this list of minor planets as planets Mercury and Mars. Because these two planets are either too far or have a too small mass to have had any influence on the path of an asteroid moving a little too close to the Earth. It's not that their influence would be zero, but the ratio between their masses and their distance is too great, we must especially realize that gravity decreases with the square of the distance. To determine this alignment, we should not rely on astrological data, since astrology is based on the visual effect produced by the positions of these planets in the sky. Then some programs of astronomical calculations are not very useful either, because they also show the visual position in the sky. What we need is a vision of the solar system seen from the above. What we look for example, that the Earth and Venus occupy the position in February, and all the other planets in the position of August.

With a small computer calculation, since the data is freely available on the website of the NASA, we learn that there are three rows of these dates which are quite close to the date of the alleged destruction of Atlantis. These alignments had taken place in the year 9'537 BC in January, in the year 9'716 BC in February and in the year 9'895 BC in March. What is particularly interesting is that American Indians had reported a deluge flooding the plain in winter, which fell in the summer of today, considering that the spring equinox has moved some 165° since. Then, by inspecting the difference in the angle between the inclination of the Earth and the orbital inclination of the Moon, we have left the periods of January-March or August-October for a possible impact.

1Départements Outre-Mer / Territoires Outre-Mer. (Oversea's departments and territories!)

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