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Was This Atlantis?
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.

Atlantis, its disappearance:
how, when and why?


t should not be excluded that there is among the assumptions one where the Atlantis has never disappeared, for the simple reason that it's possible that Plato had simply invented an ideal state to show the Athenians a state model, or warn of them for impending danger.

We should, on the other hand, consider the worst of any other hypothesis. We must have to consider how an island could disappear. Has it disappeared because of a volcanic explosion? As this was the case with the island Thera, or the more recent explosion of the island Krakatoa, which lies on the west coast of Java. The island Krakatoa became famous in 1883 after the eruption of the volcano, the Perbuatan, of an exceptional violence. Among other possibilities is one in which the island, consisting of volcanic material which is heavier than the magma that was under it, drowned into the ground after losing its support of the tectonic plates which kept it at the surface. Another possibility is that the ocean floor was pushed a few thousand meters down, making the island disappear forever under the waves.

If we assume that Atlantis was really in the area of the Azores and that its size was really the one advanced by Plato, ie at least three million square kilometers, we should in this case ask ourselves what has happened to the six million cubic kilometers of magma displaced by the event. Then in the event of an ocean floor being lowered as a whole, we should find a place for a few tens of millions of cubic kilometers of magma. This magma, is not and was not on the surface of the earth and certainly not in such a quantity. The only explanation that remains is that one or several continental plates have been displaced too. You would need, in this context, to take into account that we have found during surveys conducted on the Atlantic sea floor in preparation for the laying of first transatlantic telegraph cable, certainly solidified lava, but solidified in the open air. The lava was at the time of the laying of the telegraph cable up to several thousand meters deep in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, the fact that lava solidified in the open air decomposes in sea water after twenty-thousand years tells us that the part of the ocean where it was found, had been necessarily emerged less than twenty-thousand years ago.

The how and when of the disappearance of Atlantis had been told by Critias, who had learned it from Solon, who himself had learned it in turn from an Egyptian priest during his trip to Egypt.

Quote from Critias concetning the disappearance of Atlantis:

«...I have no reason to refuse you, Solon, and I will make thee a story out of respect for you and your homeland, and especially to honor the goddess who protects your city and ours, and who raised and educated yours, she formed the first thousand years before ours, the seeds were taken to land and Hephaestus, and ours thereafter. Since the establishment of our own, eight thousand years have past: this is the number worn by our sacred books. So, your fellow citizens who lived there are nine thousand years from which I will briefly expose you the institutions and most of their glorious exploits... »

« ...For example, what we also told you about Phaeton, son of the Sun, who, who had drawn the chariot of his father and not being able to maintain it in his father's way, setting fire to everything that was on the land and killed himself struck by lightning, has, however, the appearance of a fable, but the truth is that it reveals that the bodies that circulate in the sky around the earth veering off course and a great conflagration occurs at big intervals destroying what is on the surface of the earth... »

« ...But at the time that followed, there were earthquakes and extraordinary floods, and in the space of one day and one terrible night, all you had of fighters were swallowed in one go into the ground, and the island Atlantis, crashing in the sea, disappeared as well. That's why, even today, this sea is impractical and unexplored, navigation is hampered by muddy sea beds that the island has left in subsiding... »

We can therefore conclude that the Egyptian priests are not only referring to the impact of a celestial body, but they also describe the effects that such impact has had on life on earth. It's interesting to observe that these three short extracts show almost on their own what had happened and they give a date, it is eight thousand years before the founding of their city, making a total of nine thousand years before this story was narrated to Solon by the Egyptian priest. The time elapsed between the time when Solon had learned the story of Atlantis and the time this story was recorded by Plato in the form of dialogues can not be estimated with certainty, but it should have been between 400 and 600 years before Christ. An overall analysis of the stories of Plato we can see that we must probably look for a collision with a celestial body, from nine to ten thousand years before Christ.

Cayce, he, had located three destructions of Atlantis: one at fifty thousand, a second at twenty-two thousand and a third around ten thousand years before Christ. According to Cayce, it were the Atlanteans themselves who had destroyed their own continent. The Atlanteans, who were more physically developed than we are no, controlled among other things a source of energy we do not know to this day and would have destroyed their own country by abusing its use. There were following towards the end of Atlantean society, become decadent, human sacrifices. According to Cayce, a part of Atlantis was submerged in the Sargasso Sea, better known among the public as the “Bermuda Triangle”. The second destruction of Atlantis was due to improper settings, too much tension, of their energy source and would have caused the fracture of the island into several smaller islands.

The Atlanteans would have, according to Cayce, saved part of their culture and a description of their technology in various locations on Earth, including:

  • In the engulfed area not far from the main city of Atlantis, Poséidia, where the remains of a temple could be found in sediment accumulated on the seabed.
  • In the archives of a temple in Egypt, in a place that Cayce called “Hall of Records.
  • In Atlantean documents carried in the Yucatan, currently a province of Mexico.

In another work, the three destructions are discussed by Cayce:

Fifty thousand seven hundred twenty-two years before Christ a first destruction took place. A major meeting took place between the nations to get rid of the large animals and how to achieve it. This was the beginning of the use of bulk explosives which they used against them. The first migration took place towards the North Pyrenees and much later to another country which later became Egypt. The axis of rotation of the Earth and therefore the location of the poles, would have undergone a shift at this time.

At its second destruction, which took place twenty-two thousand years before Christ, Atlantis was broken into several smaller islands. During this second destruction, most of the islands constituting Atlantis had been involved and they were destroyed with the exception of Poséidéa, Aryan and Og.

During the third and final destruction, which took place around ten thousand years before Christ, the three remaining islands were engulfed as well. The Atlantean survivors would have sought refuge in the Pyrenees, in Yucatan and Egypt.

The Earth temperature curve from 70'000 BC to 0 BC
What is interesting to observe, is the curve of the average temperature during the past one hundred thousand years. The fact that the average temperature dropped to around fifty thousand years before Jesus Christ and all that goes back up ten thousand years before Jesus Christ, could indicate us that there has actually been great changes to these dates. The dates given by Cayce correspond quite well with those of the temperature curve. In addition, the latest date suggested by Cayce is fairly consistent with the date given by Plato, while taking a margin. Another fact which took place ten thousand years before Christ is the beginning of melting of glaciers of the Ice Age.

Another indication of date may be provided by the zodiac of Denderah, which is now in the Louvre and shows a sign of a quite special nature. This sign looks like a lion in a boat and on the back of the boat, located on the tail of the lion, a young person. Among the many symbols of Egyptian culture, the sacred boat was the passage of time and navigation of the living and the dead. The presence of a lion in a boat could mean that there was a great flood in the sign of Leo. The date of the sign is located, according to specialists, nine thousand seven hundred ninety-two years before Christ. It was at this time that the Egyptians, alleged heirs of the Atlantean culture, had located a major event, they called: The Great Cataclysm. This cataclysm seemed very important to them, and that nobody ever forgets, they had taken the trouble to write, paint and sculpt it in the temples, especially in the one of Denderah. It seems, contrary to popular belief today that the zodiac of Denderah would be much older. The one who is currently in the Louvre dates approximately 150 years before Christ and is in fact the sixth reproduction.

The particularity of the zodiac of Denderah is, to be a cosmic calendar. The vernal point, or zero in the sign of Aries, the spring equinox1, moves in the direction clockwise at a rate of one degree every seventy-two years. A complete revolution thus lasts, three hundred and sixty times seventy-two, twenty-five thousand nine hundred and eighty years. We can deduce that each zodiac sign is one-twelfth of this amount, two thousand and hundred sixty years. If we start from the zero point of Aries, we can walk back the sign of “Taurus”,Gemini”and “Cancer”, making it a total of eight thousand six hundred and forty years. So, in thousand and fifty-two years in the sign of the “Leo”, we find the sign of a lion in a boat.

1The moment hat night and day have the same length.

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