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Platon and Atlantis.
Cayce and Atlantis.
Its inhabitants, its size.
Its disappearance.
Clues and questions.
The ocean floor.
Raised continents?
An island in the Atlantic?
The gulf stream.
The Poles.
Displacement of the poles?
The place of the impact.
The Biblical Flooding.
References of floods.
Global Warming.
The disappearance, when?
Which period?
Other events.
Planetary Alignments.
Our Planets.
Ancient Egypt.
Cultural similarities.
Astrology and Atlantis.
Memories of past lives.
The Gods went back home.
Our Religions.
Archaeological evidences.
The finding of Dr Brown.
Evidence in the myths.
Was This Atlantis?
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Other Information.
The Cayce Readings.
Platon, Critias.
Platon, Timaeus.
Flooding Myths.
Indian Aircraft Techology.
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.

The Edgar Cayce Readings.

Continent and Culture of Atlantis

Source: Association for Research and Enlightenment | More about Edgar Cayce

Index of 18 topics detailing the Atlantean civilization extracted from readings given to individuals.

  1. Followers of Belial
  2. Followers Of the Law of One
  3. Conflict between Belial and Law of One
  4. Technology, Science, Architecture
  5. Atlantean Contact with Egypt
  6. Atlantean Contact with Other Lands
  7. Division of Body into Two Sexes
  8. References to Location of Atlantis
  9. Reference to Time Periods of Events
  10. The Races of Man at the Time
  11. Atlanteans and the Environment
  12. The Invasion of the Great Beasts
  13. Atlanteans and Ancient Earth Changes
  14. Mans Initial Entrance into Earth
  15. Places and Descriptions of Atlantis
  16. Social, Religious, Political, Legal
  17. Pre-existing Civilizations
  18. Vocations and Activities

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Between the years 1901 and 1945, Edgar Cayce, called "The Sleeping Prophet", gave over 14,000 psychic readings covering more than 10,000 topics. One of these topics involved prehistorical civilizations, specifically, Atlantis and its influence on other cultures existing at the time.
Edgar Cayce Readings
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