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Was This Atlantis?
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.

The Gulf-Stream, was it once reaching Europe?


e know all of the Gulf-Stream, the sea current in the Atlantic Ocean which brings us temperate seawater from the Sea of Saragossa to us here in Europe. But the Gulf-Stream, was it once reaching Europe? We know, for example, that the world climate had warmed for five to eight degrees since the Ice Age. But northern Europe, Iceland and Greenland had warmed up to twenty degrees in a hundred years only, while the warming of the Ice Age, had taken at least a thousand years.

North America and Canada have also experienced a warming of the climate since the end of the Ice Age, so that the climate today is that of a climate situated 1'500 km further south then in the Ice Age. Europe, Iceland and Greenland have experienced a much greater warming since the end of the Ice Age, then this change took place over a period much shorter than the global warming of the Earth, which was taking place over thousands of years and not over a hundred as the warming of Europe. Then it must be realized that at the same time that Europe, Iceland, Greenland and North America have been warmed, Siberia had been cooled such that the mammoths have been frozen alive with their bodies left intact, which suggest that this cooling of the climate there was only a matter of hours.

The Gulf Stream warms in a considerable way whole Europe and especially Northern Europe. But the difference in climate with the Ice Age is so great that we cannot explain this but with the total or partial failure of the Gulf-Stream. Then, if we should seek a reason for this absence, is it not logical to assume that the Gulf Stream has been prevented from coming to Europe. And who else would be better able to create that prevention then the island Atlantis, whose disappearance would have given the Gulf Stream the possibility of reaching Europe.

The Gulf Stream, as it flows today, can go around the Atlantic Ocean without hindrance and lead the temperate waters of the Sea of Saragossa to us here in Europe. But has it always been this way? Did the Gulf Stream came to Europe? Was it stopped in its course by an island in the middle of the Atlantic? It's not just the Gulf-Stream, which shows this strange behavior; there are also eels, they also make this journey from the Sea of Saragossa, to come grow up here in Europe and return to the Sea of Saragossa to reproduce. But is it reasonable to think they were doing so at the time of the Ice Age? Should we not consider that they haven't been migrating to Europe, but to another island, which was once on their way and that is no longer there today? We have a high probability that both the Gulf-Stream and the eels didn't come to Europe, but stopped much earlier. And the island where the eels stopped and which diverted the Gulf Stream could well have been called Atlantis.

This behavior of the Gulf-Stream and eels could indicate that there was once an island of some importance in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Because only a large island, an island with a size of several thousands of kilometers, may be able to divert a sea current as the Gulf-Stream. Then it seems logical that the eels would grow in fresh water of an island that was once next to the Sea of Saragossa, instead of Europe, which once was as welcoming as Siberia today. It's therefore logical that the eels, which follow their instincts, are coming, now less and less because of over-fishing of fish fry, here in Europe. Looking at the map that shows the island Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic, we can see that they had only a third of the distance to cover in order to find land with freshwater lakes and rivers. It's therefore logical that the eels, after the disappearance of Atlantis, have continued to follow their instincts and the Gulf Stream until they find a land of rivers and lakes, but in Europe this time.

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