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Was This Atlantis?
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.

The gods who lived once on Earth,
could they have gone home one day.


oth ancient Egypt and ancient Greece mention in their sacred writings that their gods lived once among them, but also that the gods would have gone home one day. The Greeks tell us how their god Apollo once lived among the people and how he was treating the sick, comforted the afflicted and how he learned the art of writing, philosophy and music to the people. His sister, the beautiful Anthémis, has also been reported among the people and how she has, in the cool of the morning, bewitched the incredulous shepherds with her divine melodies. But apart from Apollo and his sister, the beautiful Anthémis, ancient Greece has had other gods, demigods and other legendary heroes. They were a society of immortals, who apparently had surprisingly similar qualities as us, mortals. They did not just look human, but the structure of their society was also a reflection of the Greek society of the time. They had a human alike look, stood in anger, be seduced, they made decisions at random and were forgetting their promises. Like the God of the Bible, the Greek gods regretted their actions and were able to feelings of regret. They did not only look human, but many myths and legends tell us that it does not stop there. Many are the religious and mythical stories, which allude to the fact that the gods had children with humans. These, supposedly, gods were not made of spiritual matter, but rather of flesh and bones, like everyone else. We note that the “gods” might have children with humans. A man “god” and a human woman, gave frequently birth to giants. Giants from which we find traces both in myths, as well in the from of bones of people measuring from 2.60 up to 4 meters across. According to the myths and legends, the opposite, ie woman “God” with human men, did breed also. Here, on the other hand, there was no question of giants, but, as American Indians tell us, of frequent multiple births. It seems thus that there is no problem of birth of giants in this direction. This could indicate us that there was obviously an incompatibility in the male chromosome, the chromosome “Y”, of these “Gods”. But the myths of gods living among the people does not stop there, there are also the Egyptians, who state that their gods once lived among them in Upper Egypt. Divine myths of the Greeks and Egyptians also had in common that their gods had chariots to go to heaven. They really believed they lived beyond the stars, at least what is sure that these people that the Greeks and Egyptians took to be gods were clearly not of the same race and were having clearly a civilization superior to theirs. The Bible also has this kind of testimony. There are descriptions in there that cannot be observed but from a high altitude. Furthermore the Bible refers to life expectancy far beyond our current life expectancy. These people, as described, were they a different species? Was there a mixture of two species having as a result our species we have now? We could believe it, especially when we see the gradual reduction of the age of different biblical heroes described. It is 960 years for Methuselah, 600 years for Noah to become gradually normal. Our biblical heroes, were they actually the survivors of a general disaster? As many religions and myths wanting us to believe.

The time when gods lived among mortals, is perhaps a universal myth that we may find almost everywhere in one form or another. The Egyptian priests had told a columnist at the time, that the gods lived among mortals as senior leaders. They had their last say in the running of the country where they were higher than the other leaders. The columnist had even calculated that the time dated from 11'340 years before Christ. He based himself on the fact that the Egyptian priests had shown him, in recognition of his friendship and his confidence, the 341 statues of priests who died before them. Each statue represented a Egyptian generation. They were told that the documents were processed and updated with great care. They also told that they began with the creation of these statues from the moment that the last “God” had left them. If we do a simple calculation, these 341 successive high priests lead us to an era where Plato placed the disappearance of Atlantis, or just before. We can ask ourselves whether these so-called gods, were nothing other than the Atlanteans. Because it's recognized that Atlantis ruled over, as the English did in the 19th century, much of the world, including ancient Egypt.

Another area where we also find the myth of a god who lived among mortals and was gone one day, is South America, or to be more precise in the Aztecs. The Aztecs also had their god, “Quetzalcoatl”, who had left one day with the promise to return. The Aztecs had obviously inherited their culture from their predecessors, the Maya. We don't know to this date the predecessors of the Maya, but given the seniority of their calendar, they may be indirect or direct descendants of the Atlanteans, which would have had to flee their country.

Apart from the religious myths and legends, we have evidence that giants did exist. Therefore, we should also not exclude the existence of a race with a life expectancy far greater than ours, although we have no evidence for that today. The assumption that a human species with a life expectancy as it is mentioned in the Bible, ie from 800 to 1000 years, have existed leaves, of course, the impression to other races, which a hope of life of just over 50 years of being immortal. Although they were obviously not immortal, they would have given that impression to other human races of the day. Add to this impression of immortality, the fact that the duration of religious, cultural and professional apprenticeship was much longer and allowed to deepen the knowledge in different subjects. This cultural and technological superiority would surely look to other breeds as a sense of God. Finally, the fact that they could be leaders of countries, as we Europeans have been with the colonies, of course, also contributed to this impression of God.

We can easily imagine how the French Middle Ages would have reacted to the presence of our technology and culture, with a life expectancy ten times greater than theirs. If they ran France, interposed by the kings from their neighborhood near Paris, where they had settled. You can easily imagine what would happen if they went one day home without leaving message or trace and never returned. It would have created all kinds of legends.

In any case, whoever they are, who they were and whence they came from, they had among them those who obviously knew what was happening or would happen. Then add to that many allusions to the myths of great floods where there was always a couple who had been warned in time. Were they the Atlanteans of some who, probably the elite and the rich, have managed to escape elsewhere on Earth or in space, perhaps? Was it a civilization from another planet who lived among us? Nobody knows. But perhaps we will know one day.

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