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Was This Atlantis?
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.

Memories of past lives in Atlantis.


egarding reincarnation and past lives: to each his belief! Reincarnation is the very basis of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, because according to these religions, the human being is not having one passage on Earth, but several. Then every soul must pass, following a number of experiences, acquire a higher spiritual level, before proceeding to the next step. All the lives that we live, look a little like school, we can be promoted to a higher level, or be forced to repeat the class, or even fail into a lower class. Then we would not even be allowed to take anything with us, not even our memories, whether good or bad. Some hypnosis technique although, also known as regression, gives apparently access to these memories of other lives. The publisher “Editions du Rocher” have a book under the title “Les Autres Vies et la Réincarnation (Other Lives and Reincarnation)” by Bernard & Duboy in this regard, having a dozen pages that refer to Atlantis. This book recounts on the pages 198 to 209 the regressions experienced by the authors of this book, Mr Jean-Louis Bernard and Mr Bernard Duboy. Full texts have yet been fully incorporated in the paper version of this book. This version contains only a few short excerpts.

Extract from the experience Jeanlouis, where he describes a temple:

« ... saw a glass dome through the branches. A stream ran under the tiles of the transparent way. Melodious music was flowing from the temple. We entered. Like her, I bowed. A heavenly light flowed walls. A cascade slipped quietly, like a curtain which we drew apart. I was gripped by the beauty of crystal. The stone spoke..... »

In this second section of his story, Mr Jean-Louis Bernard, the co-author of the book describes a temple with a dome with a crystal and dedicated to the Sun, as a divine force. Cayce was also mentioning the existence of such temples. Just a reminder; Cayce had mentioned the existence of different temples, some of which were used as power plants, others to heal the people and the last, as Mr Jean-Louis Bernard described, as spiritual regeneration place.

Extract from the experience of Bernard, who also saw the same images:

« ...We are clothed in white dresses, very fluid, which do not hamper our movements and fall to our feet. Although they are identical, none of the togas are alike. Each fits the personality of the person who wears it. It's an ideal temperature. Here the climate is always equal. Suddenly, a large cascade is cutting our way, but we cross without being wet. This water is made of energy fluctuations and vibrations. When passing through, she infuses its ardor... »

« ...We reach the entrance of a temple similar to those of antiquity with white columns and a frieze around... »

« ...A mirror to the surface in perpetual motion, indecisive color that is both transparent and bluish. On the other side are the beings that we loved and who died. They await us in their world of symbols, where they are pure spirits, devoid of body... That is what we teach the scriptures... »

« ...We know all this since forever and ever and we will experience by joining them our turn one day. We can know than the world of triangles, blue or gold suspended in an infinite space, for all eternity... »

We can see that the use of a mirror by the magic in the Middle Ages, is perhaps not just a fantasy of their belief in black magic, but has perhaps much more ancient roots, as evidenced by Stories of Mr Bernard Duboy. These descriptions are also entirely consistent with those made by Cayce, which were less precise. The lack of detail in the Cayce readings is because he gave a summary of former lives of people in order to know the origin of the evils which they were suffering of.

Throughout the regressions, Mr Bernard and Mr Jean-Louis Bernard Duboy had discovered more of their lives in Atlantis. Mr Bernard Duboy joined Atlantis several centuries after the time he had described earlier.

Some excerpts from Bernard, who tells us a different experience:

« ...A huge door, verdigris, stands before me, high at least four meters, wide more than two meters. The wings are open. They seem of very heavy metal - bronze, no doubt – in which are embedded huge nails... This reminds me of ancient times, in ancient Rome or Greece... »

« ...But can one speak of a city, it's a huge garden. ... »

« ...Beyond the oceans, other races are all around us. For us, they are barbarians. We just communicate little with them, except with some who take us for angels or gods. They always fall down and exclaim when they see us fly by in our aircrafts, including the smaller ones hosting three people. They honor us, devote us cults... We don't use the power that we could have on them: we just try to control them. Sometimes we intervene to stop the wars they are engaged in... »

« ...Sitting in a circle, we escape of our bodies - which is perfectly natural - and we read in the book of the universe. The information comes to us in the form of images, symbols we know how to decrypt.... »

What is interesting to observe is that Cayce also claimed to “read” in a book of the universe. According to Cayce, our lives would be reflected in there, lives of past, present, and those to come.

« ...We copy our lives on the sun which, in our God's image, gives a total generosity. We domesticated the rays and we have an infinite energy, which allows us to build, to move our vehicles on wheels... We use this energy in all areas of life: for agriculture, to feed our machines, heat our homes when the weather is to fresh... »

These few lines contain some very interesting informations. First the reference to heat homes when the weather becomes to fresh. They say fresh and not cold, which would mean that the climate of Atlantis was Mediterranean, with a small difference in temperature between winter and summer. This fact could tell us that the axis of rotation of the Earth and with it the position of the poles, was not the same as today. This alone could justify the assumption that the angle of rotation was only six, eight maybe ten degrees instead of twenty-three now. These lines also speak of the domestication of the sun's rays, as a form of energy that we don't currently know. This is to recall that Cayce had also mentioned the use of this form of energy. This story also speaks of the importance that the Sun took in the daily lives of Atlantis, and confirms us that the Sun was God for them. In addition, these stories remind us of the “Children of the Law of One” that Cayce had mentioned several times. Both authors still continue to describe in detail their function and their contacts with Europeans.

« ...Few people like me can go visit the other continents. To do this, you need my job. Because educating other peoples is not without danger... »

In another regression, Mr Bernard Duboy brings us back to Atlantis. The following excerpts were written many years after the previous, but still the same life.

« ...What has the landscape changed! Much of the vegetation has disappeared. I shudder looking at the glass buildings that stand around the palace, to conquer the sky. Gray clouds cover the horizon. The air is not as pure. Around, dark smoke rises. I see men in the streets. This is not a huge garden any more, but a real metropolis, crowded, crowded.... »

« ...What happened? An immense sadness hugs my heart. Atlanteans, my brothers, have lost their mind. They turned away from the Sun, they have found and exploited a different energy... »

« ...The dark energy will be freed soon, it will shake the Earth, which will destroy our continent. Will there be any survivors? Who will testify our past greatness? Who can still ensure, sentry, on the acts of men... »

« ...The dark energy will be freed soon, it will shake the Earth, which will destroy our continent. Will there be any survivors? Who will testify our past greatness? Who can still ensure, sentry, on the acts of men... »

Then the author of these lines adds a description of the destruction:

« ...Leaning out, I remember the old times... We have enslaved the nature, parked animals, our brothers... It seems to me that the ground shakes. A black cloud rises in the distance. The pyramids, the collapsing towers of glass, the crowd screams. Behind me, the marble columns break, the busts smash on the floor. The end has arrived. A sigh of relief coming from my chest. The wait was so long. A huge wave rises on the horizon. A rainstorm hit on Atlantis. My wife, my son... I'll never see them again... »

These stories, obtained by regression of these two people who once lived in Atlantis, learn us many things. Already on the climate, to name an example. But there are other things. We can see that some had seen the need not to inform the population, although they clearly knew the real reason, the real danger. The people who wrote these above stories clearly belonged to the “Children of the Law of One”, the monotheistic religion of Atlantis. It's rather sad to see, reading between the lines, that “Children of the Law of One” had gradually lost their faith and have allowed the “Sons of Belial” to take over, with their materialistic attitudes and thirst for power. But it's less clear that this was the real reason for the disappearance of Atlantis. Cayce says several times that it was the abuse of this form of energy they drew from the crystals, which was the cause of the disappearance of Atlantis. But remember, or better imagine what could happen today, with similar conditions. It's quite certain that the authorities wouldn't communicate what is happening and would force insiders to silence. If tomorrow an astronomer discovers a comet which is running straight on Earth, he would be condemned to silence. Imagine the panic that would move! Scenes of looting? People who will fight to get a plane ticket to the opposite side of the Earth? It's in fact the writer Stephan King who had described such a situation in one of his novels.

But after the stories of Atlantis, there were those who knew and had already taken their provisions, as evidenced by the previous stories. But while ready to believe that the real reason that this celestial body running to Earth had been hidden to the general public, because they had made them believe that it was their fault. Since the Gulf War of 2003 we sadly learned that we make, when necessary, people believe anything. The Atlanteans were certainly making believe the people that it was the abuse of energy they had made, which was the loss of their country. Obviously if people believed that it was the inevitable end of the world, they would have had the least reaction to try to flee their country to the opposite side of the globe and create a wave of panic. This is perhaps the reason why Cayce saw, since he took the successive lives of people, especially the abuse of power as the cause of the disappearance of Atlantis. Those who knew that a celestial body would strike the Earth, were certainly not very numerous and had probably been forced to remain silent. The reality certainly could have stood in the middle between a thriller novel by Stephan King and the Apocalypse of Saint John.

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