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Was This Atlantis?
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.



t all started from the year 1987, where I had after reading a few books on this topic started to become interested in the lost continent of Atlantis. Among the books was “The Mystery of Atlantis” written by Charles Berliz and published in 1974 by Grosset and Dunlap inc. (German version ISBN 3-552-02812-9). There was also another book “Alles über Atlantis; Alte Thesen - neue Forschungen” written by Otto H. Muck and published in 1976 by Econ Verlag Gmbh (ISBN 3-430-16837-6). It's much later in the year 1996 that I began to study the subject a little more closely. It was also that year that I started collecting the data necessary in order to create a folder of records, such as images, deep sea grids and altitude data of the continents, descriptions and myths alluding to a natural disaster or flooding and other general information.

The theory advanced by Mr Otto H. Muck seems in fact to be that what could have been very close to the truth and which deserved checking with new data becoming available in the meantime. It's obvious that since the time that Mr Otto H. Muck wrote his book until 1997, satellite data has become commonly available to the public.

The elevation data, available in France at the IFREMER1, allowed me to check some figures and data given by Mr Otto H. Muck. Then we must realize so far that Mr Otto H. Muck had gathered his data from the fifties and early sixties. Useless to mention that those available at the time were rather limited, where some of which did not correspond at all to today's realities. In this book I will try to rebuild what Mr Otto H. Muck was trying to do, but giving it my interpretation.

Although Plato was quite accurate in some of his wordings in his dialogues, I will still allow some margin, especially those about the size and location of certain elements. We may eventually consider that a feet had not necessarily the size of now, but should still be somewhere between 22 and 40 centimeters or so.

We must also take into account evidence that Plato had made in its dialogues about certain elements, those who are gone, and those who should still be there. In the latter case we should know what to look for and not, without excluding other elements from other sources. I do, on the other hand, not want to consider things about magic crystals, mysterious energies, black magic, purely religious and UFO stuff or other similar subjects if they don't explain a possible natural disaster or one caused by mankind.

I also don't believe that islands, especially large ones, may disappear into nothingness and that they may disappear leaving no trace. This sounds like someone trying to commit the perfect crime. But, no crime is perfect. There must necessarily remain some traces somewhere. It's however possible that we don't see them because our current scientific culture does not allow us to believe it, or we simply have not tried to look for the right things at the right place and we have not tried to find the things there where it was needed.

However, I spent considerable time by filtering and collecting data and images needed. I had even to make a program to produce the maps, as well as a climate simulation program which I used to make a simple simulation of the global climate, so that climate changes are fairly realistic and fairly close to what is known about past climate. It's obvious that this program should also correctly simulate today's climate as the one of the Ice Age and possibly the global warming to come. I also had to find a mathematical method to get the coordinates of the Earth, such as longitude and latitude, to be in a different location in case of displacement of poles, which sounds fairly easy but isn't.

All maps and images shown in this book have been generated by computer and are based on actual data. No data has been invented, except the corrected maps, in which I had imagined possible changes to reflect the lowering of the floor of the north Atlantic Ocean and the rise of some other continents. I had to imagine this data, since it remains unknown for so far and nobody has probably a reasonable idea of what might have happened or when the events took place. We should also see how and how much the sea floor has been depressed and how continents could have been moved higher in altitude following a disaster or any other reason why they may have been brutally displaced.

Wolter Smit

1Institut Français de la Mer.   See: http://www.ifremer.fr

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