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Was This Atlantis?
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.

Disappearance, when did it occur?


ue to lack of eyewitnesses, because even if there were any, they wouldn't be alive any longer, we must therefore rely on written evidence and information hidden in the myths and religions. Even when those written ones shouldn't be very many, because of these same religions. It's even feared that most of the written testimonies were destroyed under different pretexts, including the one that we know all; the destruction of the library of Alexandria. The latter was first destroyed by Caesar, what then remained as Egyptian culture had been destroyed by the Muslim armies. But the Muslim and Roman armies are not the only ones to blame, there are also Spanish conquerors, they too, did not see the need to keep the sacred writings of the Maya, and they have burned all their history on the pretext that these writings were heretical. It's true that every society shows such a dominant response, whenever a population is conquered, the conqueror destroys or attempts to destroy its history, and replace it with a history forged in his image.

We should, therefore, content ourselves with what Plato has left us. His writing, better known as the dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, could well be an exception among witnesses who survived. It may be that the Catholic Church did not regard this document as heretic and it's by miraculously escaping the destructive follies of religion that it could be preserved.

But there are few traces of tracks and signs. Egyptians have left us, in despite of their two library destructions, with other evidence, interposed by hieroglyphics or by passing these legends on to the Greek, Roman and other peoples. Because we do not find but very few Egyptian papyrus up today and even less papyrus which allude to an event like a flood or a star that fell on Earth. What kind of evidence can we expect? Well, if a shift of the poles caused by an asteroid impact took place, witnesses located elsewhere on Earth should have had violent earthquakes, with an unexplained movement of the Sun in the sky, and a change in its daily course from east to west. The Greek mythology contains in fact such a story. It's the story of Phaeton, son of the Sun, Helios, who had drawn the chariot of his father and not being able to maintain it in his father's way, setting fire to everything that was on the land and killed himself struck by lightning. Even when this looks like a fable, the whole story comes fairly close to that of an asteroid or comet impact on Earth.

For the dates, it are once again the dialogues of Plato that provide us with a more or less accurate date. Plato wrote his dialogues in 380 years BC and the story of Atlantis had been told by Egyptian priests to Solon hundreds of years before that date. The date that the events should have take place was 9'000 years before this story was narrated to Solon by Egyptian priests, which leads us to a period of 9'600 years BC. We can estimate, leaving a margin of a few hundred years, that the events should unfold according to Plato on dates ranging from 9'400 to 9'800 years BC.

It's much more than a coincidence, that occurred as many events related in one way or another to Atlantis. First there are the mammoths of Siberia, which seem to have been frozen alive during this period. Then there is the zodiac of Denderah which seems, according to the interpretations, point to the year 9792. Even if this date is probably obtained by an interpolation over 2160 years. It may actually have variations of several hundred years. It's nevertheless in the same period in which the dialogues of Plato locate the disappearance of Atlantis. The zodiac of Denderah is based on the fact that the signs of the zodiac and with them the spring, are moving very slowly, a degree every seventy-two years. This will require 2160 years to move a complete sign of the zodiac. The year 9792 is obtained by the location of a lion in a boat, with an interpolation of the position on these 2160 years. Even if the person who determined that the sign says that it should be the year 9792, we can take on our side without major risk a margin of a few hundred years. Taking this in consideration, we obtain the same period as that of Plato.

Another event from which we don't know the exact date, but we know about the period, is the beginning of the melting of glaciers of the Ice Age. The beginning of the melting of ice is also around ten thousand years before Christ. It's, with a range of a hundred years, in the same period in which the dialogues of Plato locate the sudden disappearance of Atlantis. A quick reminder regarding the glaciers of the Ice Age; northern Europe, North America and Canada were almost entirely covered by glaciers twelve thousand years ago. But the climate has twelve thousand years ago warmed up in an unexplained way over a hundred years, causing the melting of these glaciers. An indirect consequence of this meltdown is the rise in sea levels, flooding many areas that were once inhabited. There are many areas that were inhabited between what is now at one hundred and one hundred-thirty meters below today's sea level. Among these places where many people who had to leave their homes we find among others the coastal areas of the Black Sea. The Black Sea, which should have been a lake twelve thousand years ago, had at the time no direct connection with the Mediterranean. The Black Sea should have had a level corresponding to the level of the Bosphorus Strait. Following the submarine excavations made in the Black Sea, it seems that it had a level of at least sixty-six meters below the current level. By taking a small glance at the map, we can see that this leaves us with 96'000 square kilometers which have been submerged by rising waters. It's therefore not surprising that some researchers believed they had found Atlantis in this place. The same reasoning applies to the coastal areas of Greece and the surrounding islands of the Cyclades and the island Thera, which was higher before its explosion 1500 years before Christ. In front of the Cadiz coast, the coastal area of Andalucia today, a German researcher believed to have found Atlantis a few years ago. He based his finding here on satellite images on which one can distinguish a structure of a strong resemblance to the description that Plato made of Atlantis, except that Spain is not an island (The island is called like the ocean that surrounds it...) and it misses the place for the plain; also added that he thought that this area has, according to him, disappeared nine hundred years before Christ. The only thing that is certain, is that there was a city there with circular fortifications having at least two large buildings in the center. Another area that might reserve us some surprises is the Indonesian archipelago today. Here the melting of glaciers had removed as much as several million square kilometers. With a little luck we may well find an empire swallowed in the sea of Java.

There are still a little less obvious dates, those that correspond to the rather special alignments of the planets. So before returning to material on these dates, you must know that most asteroids in orbit travel quite asymmetrical and cross the orbits of other planets on a regular basis. It's therefore not surprising that it does not take much to deflect such an asteroid off its usual path, so it falls on a planet. Such a condition is an alignment of planets and especially the large ones, so that an asteroid is sufficiently moved from its original orbit to be captured by Earth's gravity. We have just three of those dates, 9'537, 9'716 and 9'895 years before Christ, with such an alignment. These dates are thus in the same time frame as where Plato places the destruction of Atlantis. The feature of these alignments is that all planets with a mass large enough, the Sun and Moon, were the same side as the Earth. We could therefore see three times, the planets Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter on one side of the Sun, and then Venus, Earth and Moon on the other side. It's clear that such a combination of gravity generated by the alignment of planets, is not conducive to the stability of one or more asteroids moving in the vicinity of the Earth's orbit. It's very likely that a large rock of several tens of kilometers had been diverted from its path and was captured by Earth's gravity.

There are also other dates, including the renewal of the Maya eras. Regarding the reason for the choice of moments of transition into a new era, no one knows it to this day. All we can confirm, is that the Maya calendar was most probably based on the position of three planets, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. It seems that these three planets occupy every five thousand years a special place in the sky. It's therefore very likely that the Maya had based the transition from one era to another on such a symbolic position of these three planets. We know not to this day the exact meaning of the dates 8'238 and 3'113 BC. Be aware though, that these dates may vary depending on the method of calculation. It suffices to remember that our current calendar is not accurate. Especially since our calendar does not have the year zero, it starts with year one. It's due to these differences in method of calculation that we obtain 3'112, 3'113 or 3'114 years BC. It depends how we calculate the date. Depending how we go back the days, day by day as the Maya did themselves, by calculating astronomical years, or using the traditional years, we obtain three different dates. There remain, however, so far no indication that these dates are related to an event other than a particular position of these three planets in the sky. The Maya had on the other hand left us other dates, from which we don't know the significance to this day. Archaeologists have found two dates separated by two weeks in one of their temples. Both dates of an interval of about two weeks are at 2'794 years BC and those dates are strangely close to the date on which some experts locate the Biblical flooding. The only problem with the theory of this flooding at that date is that at that time the Egyptians had noted all what they were doing, including the exploits of their warring pharaohs, the details of every day, but not one word about a flood which would be around those years. The Egyptians had on the other hand well noted that there was a huge flood due to heavy rains after the destruction of Atlantis for thousands of years ago.

We can therefore estimate because of the coincidence of the dates between 9'000 to 10'000 years before Christ, that the event of the disappearance of Atlantis has with a high probability occurred between those dates. In addition to these dates we have the fact that the lava, which was found at the bottom of the ocean, should have solidified in the open air at less then 20'000 years ago. The area where the lava was discovered, was therefore necessarily in the open air at a year later then 18'000 years before Christ. Then on the other hand, the Egyptian pharaohs have not noted a flood or other similar event from 5'000 years before Christ onwards. We find therefore that the event must have taken place between 5'000 and 18'000 years before Christ. We can, as such, conclude that the date mentioned by Plato in his dialogues, may be fairly close to the truth.

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