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Was This Atlantis?
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.

The global warming of
twelve thousand years ago.


ister Otto H Muck had suggested in his book, that global warming and the rapid melting of glaciers, of twelve to twenty thousand years ago, had a similar origin. This warming had, according to him, as the disappearance of Atlantis, been caused by the impact of asteroid or comet. It's a fact that climate data as it's available today did not exist at the time that Mr. Muck wrote his book. He therefore attributed the warming to a shift of the poles and the significant change of the Gulf-Stream. It's true that the northern regions have experienced a rapid rise in temperature of twenty degrees or more, twelve thousand years ago. The Earth's average temperature, on the other hand, had not experienced such an increase and had grown over a much longer period. We may doubt that only the increase of the Earth's average temperature could explain the climate changes that occurred here in Northern European region.

Isoterme zéro, of 12'000 years ago and now.

The increase of the average temperature in northern Europe was much too high to be explained by standard models. The most logical is the argument of Mr Otto H Muck, suggesting that only a shift of the poles, accompanied by a change in the Gulf-Stream, explains such an increase in average temperature there.

We can also ask ourselves, if a relocation of poles may have had an impact on the Earth's average temperature. It goes without saying that with an increase of about twenty degrees of northern Europe, Canada and North America, the glaciers would melt there, but this increase would still be accompanied a equivalent drop in temperature on the other side, where glaciers should have formed immediately. The face of the Earth would in this case certainly be changed, but the average temperature should not have been affecteded significantly. The argument used by Mr Otto H Muck, that the Gulf-Stream came following the disappearance of Atlantis to Europe, and melting thereby glaciers, is certainly correct. However, the Gulf Stream does not come and did not come to the coasts of Canada and North America. However, the glaciers located on this continent have also melted, partly reforming on the other side. We can deduce that the change of the Gulf Stream had certainly had an impact. But the increase in the average temperature in Canada and North America, and the melting of glaciers that were there cannot be explained by the global warming of the planet of twelve thousand years ago, nor by the modification of the Gulf-Stream. Only a shift of the poles could explain such a change there.

Average temperature of the Earth for the last 500'000 years.

If we inspect the curve of the Earth's average temperature, we can see a strange sawtooth curve. Then what is curious is that the gases, which we now qualify as being greenhouse gases, follow the same curve. The curve of the Earth's average temperature shows indeed a rapid rise over a millennium, to cool then down slowly for a hundred thousand years with the regularity of a Swiss clock. Our dear scientists have drawn a rather little hasty conclusion, seeing the correlation between the Earth's average temperature curves and the presence of the carbon dioxide and methane gases, that the Earth's average temperature would be determined by the amount of these gases in the atmosphere.

But to say whether they are these gases, which have raised the temperature, or conversely, to say that the temperature rise caused the increase of the activity of the biomass, including insects, bacillus and other and thereby the presence of those gases in the atmosphere, no one knowns at this time. Because, as we should know, the biomass of insects on it's own, is far more important than all mammals combined. Because the insects produce, like any living being, carbon dioxide and methane gases and their activity is also proportional to temperature. Thus, activity and biomass of insects in particular, could well explain the link between the Earth's average temperature and the rate of greenhouse gases. It's quite possible that the Sun has absolutely not a constant energy flow, but shows significant changes over a period of one hundred thousand years, which could very well explain the periodicity of these curves. It may be that the Sun's different nuclear reactions take place over time, and not in a constant manner. One clue that might tell us that this would be the case, is the absence of neutrinos that the Sun is supposed to produce today. The fact that the sun does not currently generate but one third of the neutrinos it's supposed to produce, could tell us that we still know very little of what is going on inside our star.

But to conclude: is the event causing the disappearance of Atlantis, the same as the the one causing an increase in the Earth's average temperature? Probably not, these are obviously two separate events that occurred around the same date.

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