Was This Atlantis? Wolter Smit  

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Platon and Atlantis.
Cayce and Atlantis.
Its inhabitants, its size.
Its disappearance.
Clues and questions.
The ocean floor.
Raised continents?
An island in the Atlantic?
The gulf stream.
The Poles.
Displacement of the poles?
The place of the impact.
The Biblical Flooding.
References of floods.
Global Warming.
The disappearance, when?
Which period?
Other events.
Planetary Alignments.
Our Planets.
Ancient Egypt.
Cultural similarities.
Astrology and Atlantis.
Memories of past lives.
The Gods went back home.
Our Religions.
Archaeological evidences.
The finding of Dr Brown.
Evidence in the myths.
Was This Atlantis?
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Other Information.
The Cayce Readings.
Platon, Critias.
Platon, Timaeus.
Flooding Myths.
Indian Aircraft Techology.
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A fiction about two young people having to flee Atlantis going under.
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Was This Atlantis?
Examination of the possible location and the reason of its disappearance.
Version Française.



he author wishes to express its deepest gratitude to authors Jean Louis Bernard and Bernard Duboy and the publisher “Éditions du Rocher”, which have provided valuable information in preparation before writing this book. Thanks do not include consent or refusal on the part of authors Jean Louis Bernard and Bernard Duboy and Éditions du Rocher on theories advanced by the author.

Éditions du Rocher

101, Boulevard Murat
75116 PARIS

« Les Autres Vies et la Réincarnation »
(The Other Lives and Reincarnation)
Jean Louis Bernard and Bernard Duboy
ISBN: 2 268 0130 642

The author also wishes to express its deepest thanks to, Mr Jean Villars, Monique Sezia and Mr Jean-Michel Basset, for their assistance in the correction of the French version this book.


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Readings in trance about Atlantis.
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The Mystery of Atlantis.
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Alles über Atlantis ; Alte thesen - neue Forschungen.
Luis E.Navia
Unsere Wiege steht im Kosmos (Translated from English)
Bernard & Duboy
Les Autres Vies et la Réincarnation.
Sean Suchy
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Information of unknown authors and the public domain

The strange discovery of Dr. Brown
History of the Golden Ages
Crystal Skull


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Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.. (A.R.E. ®)
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